Pregnant Teenager Was Sent to a Mental Institution, but 44 Years Later She Finally Got What She Deserved


Much has happened in recent years, and it seems that today’s society is changing at a fast pace. It was not so long ago when everything seemed very different.

In an article published in Redbook Magazine, we can read about the death of Julie Mannix, and it’s hard to believe that such a thing could happen in this century.

In 1963, Julie Mannix was only 19 years old and had met her first boyfriend. She fell in love, and because of their love, Julie quickly got pregnant.

She discovered that she was pregnant after visiting the family gynecologist, and her mother told her the news. But it was not the only news, the gynecologist had also diagnosed her with depression. At that time, abortion was banned in the United States and the only reasons that could enforce abortion were the danger to the woman’s life or mental health problems.

Julie was not married, and society’s pressure to adapt to the perfect “normal” model meant that Julie’s parents saw no alternative but to take her for an abortion. At the same time, she learned that the one she loved was married and had a family of his own.

Despite pressure from her parents and her broken heart, Julie desperately wanted to keep her child. She was admitted to a psychiatric clinic where abortion could be legally performed but they refused to do it.

Instead, she had to stay at the clinic and after some time, she almost started thinking she was crazy for real. Six months later, she gave birth to a healthy little girl. Aimee Veronica.

But she had only a brief moment with her, before the adoption paper had to be signed. She had to let her daughter go, but at least she was able to give her birth.

She thought about Aimee every day after that, and all she had to go through made her fall into a series of depression. She kept wondering what her daughter looked like and was trying to trace her. But all the files were locked, and all she could do was hope she was in a loving family.

Knowing that all tracks were inconclusive, she decided to follow her career as an actress and moved to New York, where she found her old love, Frank, who got divorced while Julie was locked up.

Now they are finally married and they had two children, but their separation from Aimee was never forgotten and every year they celebrated her birthday.

But what happened to Aimee?

Aimee had been adopted and received the name of Kathleen Marie Wisler. But tragically, her guardian mother died when she was only six, and it was only a few years later that she learned of her origin.

When Kathleen became an adult and became a mother herself, she wanted to try and find the traces that could lead her to her biological mother. Her father was dead, and she was left alone and without a family.

The tracks led her to actress Julie Mannix, but would she dare to contact her?

After trying to write a letter for two weeks, she finally took the courage and sent it. Shortly after, she received a phone call and Julie confirmed: it was Kathleen’s mother.

Suddenly, she had contact with her biological parents and the feeling of loneliness vanished.

“I could not imagine that I would feel like a girl again. And now, I’m surrounded by two loving and caring parents who worry when my kids are sick and call me from time to time,” wrote Kathleen in Redbook Magazine.

What an incredible story. The experience of Julie was told in a book, “Secret Storms”, the book describes the terrible events she had to go through.

However, during their sad life, there was something beautiful in their reunion, and we are happy to learn that they have finally ended up together.

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