Prince William’s First Public Love Statement: Kate Couldn’t Stop Looking At Him!


A love story through photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

For Prince William, Valentine’s Day has already begun!

During their official visit to south Wales, Kate Middleton and Prince William couldn’t stop looking and sharing compliments on each other.

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One woman from the audience who greeted them spoke to Prince William saying that his daughter, Princess Charlotte, was her favorite. The proud father then said:

“Yes, she’s wonderful – just like my wife!”

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Kate looked at her husband and smiled at his every word.

Dressed in a red Zara dress, the Duchess is also already in a festive mood before Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps Prince William is a future monarch, but what makes him stable and responsible is a calm and unwavering wife, who gives him strength.

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“They look out for each other in different ways. Some will say they have an old-fashioned marriage, but it seems to work,” their friend told People magazine.

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