Princess Diana Always Went Lowered Head in Public: the Reason Is Finally Revealed!


I was too much for one person, said the late princess.

One look at the old photographs of Princess Diana is enough to realize that in the public most often her head was held down.

She is aware of this, so in an interview, she gave to Andrew Morton in the book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words revealed why she did it.

As she said, it took six years for her to feel comfortable in her skin after she was very young for Prince Charles.

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“When I first appeared in public, I always lowered my head. Now that I look at these photos, I look silly, but I was not. I was scared,” she said.

“I was not crazy either as a kid, and that’s just not me. I was afraid of the attention I was getting and it took me six years to start to feel comfortable in my skin and now I’m ready to continue with it,” said the late princess.

As she pointed out herself, a sudden transition from anonymity to royal life was overwhelming.

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For one minute I was nobody and nothing, and the other princess of Wales, mother, a media toy, a royal family member … I was too much for one person,” she said.

Royal Secretary Dicky Arbiter claims that this was not the only reason she always lowered her head.

“I met her three or four days before the wedding, she was only 20 years old, people called her Shy Di, as she lowered her head during the conversation, but she was not shy at all, she only tortured her height of 178 centimeters. It lowered her head when she spoke to people that they would not feel embarrassed and to be at their level, “.

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