Prison Bird: Man Tried to Rob a Store With His Pet, Both Ended Behind Bars


Until two days ago, a parrot was staying in a detention unit in Utrecht, Netherlands. The same parrot was an eyewitness to a robbery committed by its owner.

Police said they arrested a man last Thursday after being caught robbing a store. At the time of the arrest, a pet was sitting on the man’s shoulder, and the bird was taken to the police station with the owner.

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The suspect was soon detained in custody, and as police officers did not have a birdcage and did not know who to entrust the bird with, they put the parrot in one of the jail cells.

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Update!!!! Hi, this bird sat on the shoulder of a thief we arrested for shoplifting. As we don ‘t have a birdcage, this bird had no other place to stay than in the cell. His owner agreed to this. When the owner was released shortly after, the bird accompanied him. The bird has not been questioned and is as far as we know not guilty of any charges 😁👮‍♂️ . . Onlangs hebben wij een verdachte aangehouden voor een winkeldiefstal. Tijdens de aanhouding vonden wij een stiekeme getuige met veren en snavel op de schouder van de verdachte. Tijdens de insluiting op ons bureau kwamen wij er tot onze schrik achter dat wij niet in het bezit zijn van een vogelcel of kooi…. Na goed overleg met de verdachte hebben wij ze samen ingesloten🐦… *en uiteraard goed verzorgd! #puc #dieren #bird #politieutrechtcentrum #politie #utrecht #jailbird #funny

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Members of the police made sure that the pet did not miss anything while in custody, and they brought him a bowl of water and two slices of bread so that he would “live under normal conditions”.

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Photos of the “arrested” parrot were then posted on their official Instagram profile explaining how the parrot got under their care.

“After interrogation of the suspect, it was decided that he and the pet will be taken into custody. Of course, we take care of both of them,” the caption of the photo said.

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