Provocative Appearance by J. Lo and Shakira Ended in Court


Former high school coach of American football, Dave Daubenmire has sued the Ohio court against the NFL, Pepsi, TV Fox, and several other companies over Superball.

J. Lo and Shakira had a spectacular performance in which they showed a perfect look and shape. Physically, the point was demanding, but the Latin giant was in great shape and presented it to the planet, with a rather provocative part of the point when she took Shakira’s place on stage.

The audience was delighted with their performance, which was anything but ordinary. Various movements on stage, singing, dancers and two cheerful singers who showed that although they are much older than their popular colleagues, they can still hold the attention of the audience.

That’s why Daubenmire filed a lawsuit over “inappropriate content in a performance by J. lo and Shakira during the halftime match in Miami,” claiming $ 867 billion in damages!

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“I wanted to watch football, not crappy dancing of J Lo and Shakira. They brought sin into my home. Superball is a sporting event that is also watched by the younger population,” Daubenmire said.

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Daubenmire is an otherwise well-known Christian activist in Ohio, so it should come as no surprise that he made such a move.

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What do you think, was the performance too provocative or just meant to cheer the audience into the break between the play by the most popular singers?

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