Psychologists Claim: Dreams Like This Should Not be Ignored!


For centuries, humans have been trying to interpret the meaning of dreams, while scientists have done incredible research in this area.

Oneirology has the goal to look for the connection between dreams and brain functioning. Psychologists are sure that dreams can say a lot about life and what happens to an individual person.

Experts, but also psychologists have made a list of 10 dreams that should not be ignored!


Dream expert Jan Valac believes that the dreams in which you fall can indicate a sense of losing control over life. Therefore, a person may be burdened with too much responsibility that he/she can’t avoid, or his/her life may be stressful.

Some psychologists explain the dreams in which you fall from elementary physiology point of view. After falling asleep, the nervous system calms down, heart rate and blood pressure fall, and the brain slows its activity. All these factors, as well as your general state of mind throughout the day, can contribute to immersion into “hypnotic madness”. These are the muscle contractions that accompany a person’s transition from wakefulness to sleep. They can become worse and by the effects of caffeine, anxiety, stress and even lack of sleep.

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Tooth loss

If a person dreams of losing their teeth or missing their teeth, then they suffer from low self-esteem. The fact is that our smile is the first thing that attracts others.

Jan Valac says: “Tooth loss indicates a situation that makes you feel insecure.”

Another specialist in the field of Oneirology, Patricia Garfield, claims that the dream in which you lose teeth represents the repressed anger. As a rule, if we restrain aggression in ourselves, then we unconsciously clench our teeth. This leads to problems with the teeth, and in the dream, we seem to lose them or just face the need to seek help from a dentist.

Failed public appearance or exam

Many people dream of failing at school, or how embarrassed they are during public speaking. For example, you are a student and you have forgotten a song you have to recite at a school event.

Such dreams are about stress or feeling that bothers you right before you go to bed. Such dreams also indicate a sense of responsibility for a problem that you can’t solve. As a result, you feel anxious.

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Partially or completely naked body

These dreams indicate a sense of shame. Jan Valac writes: “Such dreams are about doubting a new position or a new relationship, as well as being afraid that people will find out about your weaknesses.”

If you are proud of yourself in your dream, then in the real world it may seem that your talent and successes aren’t appreciated enough. For example, if you dream of attending a job interview dressed in pajamas, it means that you aren’t ready enough to talk to your employer or have doubts about your abilities.

The feeling of persecution

Lori Levenberg says: “Those who avoid conflict are afraid to express their opinions and don’t want to be the cause of the problem, constantly dreaming of dreams in which they are haunted.”

Think of your “persecutor.” This will help you understand exactly what you are trying to avoid in reality: debt, addiction, talking about problems with your spouse, looking for a job, etc.

Some scientists believe that these dreams indicate a survival instinct. You remind yourself that the danger is near and that you have to hide.

A natural disaster or the end of the world

At some point in our lives, we all dreamed of some natural disaster or the end of the world. Such dreams mean a lack of control over the problem or fear.

Social media only make these dreams worse, because they share the stories of the apocalypse, climate change, etc… As a result, dreams are created that put fear into our bones.

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A car accident or a defective car

Patricia Garfield believes that women are more prone to these dreams because they often indicate a loss of emotional attachment to a loved one or relationship problems. Dreams of car accidents tell us about the lack of real-life support and the inability to cope with the difficulties ourselves.


It is strange that dreams about pregnancy can be dreamed of by men as much as women. Psychologist David Bedrick says, “Pregnancy means something new is growing in us.”

Such dreams indicate that you will soon be giving the world some new ideas or creations. So you can dream that you are pregnant if you are remodeling your house or developing the twist of a new book.


Neuroscience expert Michael R. Olsen argues that a delay in dreams indicates a fear that you will miss something important in life. If you are too busy with work or not giving enough time to your husband or children, then this dream serves as a signal of the need to slow down and change your priorities.

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Unknown room or house

A dream that you have entered someone’s home or room indicates the need for self-exploration. Some part of your personality is imprisoned and desperate for release. A private room in a building is a symbol of hidden talent or untapped skill.

Psychologist Eddie Trevers claims that each of our problems has a separate room. If we dream of getting into someone else’s kitchen, that, according to Eddie, means we’re going through personal changes. When we dream about going into someone else’s bathroom, we tend to get the negative and toxic people out of our lives. If we walked into someone else’s bedroom, that means we want to change something about our love life.

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