Queen Elizabeth is Greeted With Good News!


Last year the royal couple refused this, and now they couldn’t wait to accept this offer.

Queen Elizabeth decided to stay with her husband Prince Philip in self-isolation for the remainder of the coronavirus epidemic.

“She is feeling well, but clearly it is best for her to get away in time. She has met many people in recent days, and will soon turn 94,” says a source close to the royal family.

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Although she belongs to the high-risk group, fearing for the health of her loved ones and the health of her citizens, the Queen was greeted with good news this morning – her grandson Prince Harry will spend the summer with her, along with his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie!

Little Archie will be making his first trip to the royal summer residence in Scotland. This is the place where his dad Harry spent many summers of his childhood.

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By the way, Harry, Megan, and Archie were also invited to Elizabeth’s summer house last year. They declined the invitation on the pretext that Archie was too small to travel. This would be all right if the couple did not travel to Ibiza with their baby a few days later.

As a result, their decision to accept the invitation this year was interpreted as them trying to get on good terms with the Queen.

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