Research Proved It: Boredom Can Really Kill a Person


We have all said at least once in our lives that we are “dying of boredom”, but most people don’t think that is really possible.

It turns out that boredom can literally kill. There is scientific proof!

Although it seems incredible, the research conducted has shown that there is a correlation between many cases of premature death and boredom. But the biggest risk of “dying of boredom” isn’t the fact that we are bored, it’s what we do to try to avoid being bored.

People who are easily bored are more likely to engage in risky behaviors in search of excitement. From careless sexual intercourse to extreme sports, things that people try to do for fun statistically significantly shorten their lifespan.

Teens tend to be bored because they are now exposed to too many stimuli from all sides. Games, television programs and social networks are things that influence us, but when that action slows down, teenagers are unable to cope with it. Most people go through this problem at some point, but not always.

It depends on the type of personality whether or not the person seeking excitement will be prone to risky behavior. The reason why we feel bored is uncomfortable with dopamine receptors. When we are excited, a neurotransmitter is emitted that causes a sense of elation, and in such situations, we feel pleasure and naturally – we want more.

In some cases, depending on the type of personality, the person may become literally addicted to that feeling, and thus become bored by it. Even if you exclude the pursuit of constant excitement through the pursuit of extreme sports, for example, a team of scientists at the University of London has claimed that life expectancy is shortened if people are bored.

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During the research, scientists studied the general health and emotional state of public-sector employees, and it turns out that those who complain that they are bored in life are at higher risk of premature death. An analysis of the findings showed that people who complain of boredom are more likely to die young, and those who have a “high level” of boredom are more than 2.5 times more likely to die of heart disease or seizure compared with people who are happy with their condition.

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The survey involved over 7,000 employees who have been followed for 25 years. Those who stated they were bored had a 40 percent chance of dying by the end of the study. Scientists point out that the result of this condition could be the smoking or intoxication of those who stated that they were bored, which would eventually shorten their lives.

So what do you think? Can boredom really kill you?

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