Retrograde Pluto brings great happiness to these zodiac signs!


This period will leave a big mark. Significant changes follow all zodiac signs.

Pluto has been retrograde since April 25 and will remain so until October 24, 2020.
Pluto is the planet that is slowly changing its position. One character retains on average about 20 years, which is why astrologers call it the “Generation Planet”.

Its influence is powerful, and when Pluto becomes retrograde, it means significant changes are ahead. This is an opportunity to face the fears and things we have long been put off.

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4 zodiac signs will especially feel this change. For them, the most successful period of this year has started and will last until October 24.


Pluto creates a positive aspect for this sign, indicating that the energies are replenished and easy to move. You will feel everything comes together, even if some of your plans change.

When it comes to the transit of Pluto, the changes come slowly, but for the Taurus, they will come easily. You can sense changes in mindset, even in education or travel plans – but not in a bad way.

You will have new interests, life paths and you will look at the world with other eyes.

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This sign will start to enjoy new things, they will spend their free time differently. Pluto will bring more fun than painful and difficult situations, thanks to Pluto forming a trigon with the sun.

Pluto will be retrograde in your home of children, friends and love, so you can feel the changes in this area.

If you want to break up with a romantic relationship or friendship, you could still have a good relationship.


Pluto is your governing planet, Scorpio, so you will greatly feel this retrograde – but expect positive change this time around!

If a major change happens in your life, it will be nothing painful, nor will it be able to interfere with you, as Pluto forms an aspect with your Sun, usually related to communication.

This will say that you can expect numerous conversations and daily meetings, with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, which will have a profound impact on your life.


The intense transits of Pluto can be difficult for dreamy, emotional and spiritual Pisces, but fortunately this planet forms a favorable aspect with your Sun, so you will feel all the changes come gradually into your life – in gentle waves.

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Retrograde Pluto will not interfere with you at all, nor bring you any problems.

Although changes will affect your desires, hopes and even the sphere of society, they will not be dramatic. Accept them, new society, interests, ideas, because over time everything will come into place and you will be happy about it.

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