See How This Famous Actor Blew Away 160 Million Dollars!


Nicolas Cage was once one of Hollywood’s top earners, with movies such as ‘National Treasure’ and ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ making him an A-List star.

Cage, 54, acquired a $160million fortune and soon became the most infamous Hollywood actor, quickly squandering his fortune.

From an $8 million castle to $25 million homes, from dinosaur skulls to shrunken heads, he soon faced foreclosure on several properties and owing to the IRS more than $14 million.

Now worth around $25 million, the Academy Award-winning actor is taking roles left and right to help pay off his debts.

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Here is a quick look into some of the Cage’s craziest purchases:

At one point, Cage owned 15 homes, including a $25 million waterfront home in Newport Beach, California, a $15.7 million countryside estate in Newport, Rhode Island, and an $8.5 million abode in Las Vegas.

Other properties included a chalet in Aspen, Colorado, and homes in San Francisco, New York, and Venice Beach.

He also acquired the infamous LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans in 2006 for $3.45 million.

According to legends, the haunted house belonged to a sociopath serial killer named Madame LaLaurie, who would kill and torture slaves in the 1800s.


Cage actually had a pyramid tomb constructed for him in New Orleans near his reportedly haunted mansion.

This nine-foot tall pyramid tombstone is engraved with ‘Omni Ab Uno’, Latin for ‘Everything From One.’

The actor himself has chosen to remain silent about his reasoning for the flamboyant tomb. Some speculate it’s an homage to the ‘National Treasure’ movie franchise.


Cage began collecting animals early in his career. In addition to owning two albino king cobras, which he purchased for $270,000 Cage also owned water-dwelling creatures.

He reportedly spent $160,000 on a pet octopus as an ‘acting aid’. Cage also owned a shark and a crocodile.


Cage purchased the 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ for $450,000 at an auction in 1997, hot off the successes of ‘Con Air and ‘Face/Off’.

The car only had one previous owner, the late Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and had fewer than 2,000 miles on it.

The Lamborghini was built to Pahlavi’s special order and secretly delivered to his St Moritz chalet for a ski vacation before Christmas 1971.


A self-proclaimed history buff, Cage allegedly once outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for a seven-million-year-old Tarbosaurus skull.

The $276,000 artifact turned out to be stolen, however, and Cage had to return it to the Mongolian government.


According to unnamed visitors, Cage has a collection of pygmy shrunken heads on display for unknown purposes.

The practice was initially utilized by head hunters so they could keep and show off their trophies.

Shrinking the head of an enemy was believed to harness the spirit of that enemy and compel him to serve the shrinker.


Cage had a comic book collection worth more than $1.6million – including Action Comics #1, which marks the very first appearance of Superman. He allegedly spent $150,000 on the purchase.

He also reportedly owned Detective Comics #38, which introduced Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

In 2011, the actor’s was forced to sell Action Comics #1. The comic book was stolen from his house in 2000 and found in a storage locker in April 2011. It fetched $2,161,000.

Cage had a comic book collection worth more than $1.6million – including Action Comics #1, which marks the very first appearance of Superman (pictured). He allegedly spent $150,000 on the purchase.

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