Shakira Is No Longer The Pretty Woman Everyone’s Crazy About


Lately, she isn’t going through a good period of her life. From the audience’s favorite, she became the most hated person.

Shakira gained popularity as soon as she appeared on the music scene. Her voice, as well as her stature, won the hearts of the audience and in a short time, she became one of Hollywood’s favorite stars.

Her smile, beautiful face and executed figure made many women envious. Lately, many have noticed that there is no sign of that beauty anymore.

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Since she was involved in the tax evasion affair, her outlook has changed dramatically. All this pressure from the public seems to have left its consequences on her appearance.

Namely, the singer is accused of evading taxes worth 14.5m euros between 2012 and 2014.

The lawsuit claims that Shakira listed the Bahamas as her official residence for tax purposes, but that she was actually living in Spain with her partner at the time.

Prosecutors in Barcelona state that she traveled abroad briefly because of her professional responsibilities, while she spent most of the year in Spain. They want her to pay tax in Spain based on her income from around the world.

From this point on, her popularity suddenly began to decrease. She is no longer the favorite singer, and her career has also started to suffer.

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At a recent conference, she appeared in the company of Jennifer Lopez, and many negative comments were made about her appearance.

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Tiredness is visible on her face, and she no longer looks like the woman who has lured glances wherever she appeared.

“She looks funny next to Jennifer,” is written in one of the comments on social media.

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