She Cheats me With Another Man, but I Can not Leave her: A Letter of Many sufferings to The Desperate Husband


After he accidentally discovered that the woman was cheating on him, she can not trust her anymore. She does not want to leave her, but she also can not live with her, and she asked the therapist for advice.

A man suddenly discovered that his wife was cheating on him. She promised him that he would not repeat again, but he did not believe her. Asked for advice, Deidre, a therapist from The Sun.

“I am 41 years old, and my wife will soon fill up 40 and have a son from a previous relationship. She and I have no children, but I thought we were happy, no matter what.”

He began to notice that his wife later came home from work, and once he looked at her mobile and found an interesting message.

“I saw him writing with my colleague and I thought that he would soon have sexual intercourse. I asked her about it and admitted she was cheating on me, but she said she would not repeat and pray for forgiveness. Now I do not trust her anymore. I feel like I can not leave her, but I can not live with her as well. “

Deidre advised him, “You both have to find out the reason for the scam, and if you work together for a better marriage, you will eventually gain confidence.” Are there some problems that you have not solved yet? Maybe you want to talk about your own children? “

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