She Had Crooked And Rotten Teeth: After a Visit to The Dentist, She Turned Into a Beauty


One dentist had a dream that all people, regardless of money, get the opportunity to have a healthy and radiant smile.

Each of us can be a superhero, regardless of our profession. A perfect example is a Brazilian dentist Felipe Rosi.

This superhero founded the non-governmental organization PoriSoriso with which he travels the world, bringing smiles to the poorest inhabitants of the planet.

Dr. Mati from Taiwan: Teach your body to expel poison by itself. This is the only way to lose weight without a diet!

Specifically, Filipe and his colleagues repair the teeth for free of people living in complete poverty.

Here are some photos showing the people this superhero brought back a smile on his face.

The pictures show how one person can restore people’s confidence and hope for a better life.

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