She Married Herself and Said: “I Feel Stronger and More Confident”


Not being able to find a loving partner, a 28-year-old Micky Monroe decided to marry herself.

Micky Monroe stated her vows in front of a mirror in the shape of a heart and brought three friends who were accompanying her during the ceremony.

“If you had asked me a few years ago about marriage like that, I would’ve said that it is pure narcissism. But now I realize that it has nothing to do with it, it’s more a matter of self-consciousness, how to deal with these negative, critical thoughts that everyone has about themselves”, confessed Micky for the Daily Mail.

Since she was growing up with obesity, but also because of her dependence on alcohol and nicotine, Micky was not satisfied with her body and herself overall …

“I was very angry and lost and saw myself as my worst enemy. I drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and I was very critical of my body. Even now I sometimes hear the inner voice that criticizes me when I look into the mirror.”

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But thanks to hard work, Micky learned valuable lessons: re-achieving self-confidence cannot be achieved by losing weight, but by changing from the inside.

She realized that most of her problems came from a critical and negative viewpoint. She worked a lot on herself, changing her image and then made the last step when she decided to marry herself.

“As humans, we will never be completely satisfied with who we are, but marriage has helped me to stop comparing myself with other people. “

Micky finally managed to overcome negative emotions and her bad self-image, and her unusual wedding is causing wild reactions. Usually, everyone reacts negatively at first, and when they find out the real reason, then they provideĀ great and significant support.

She says that thanks to this decision she regained her self-confidence but also realized that there was nothing wrong with her from the start.

“It’s a little bit bizarre because if I gave that ring to another person and exchanged my vows with them, no one would see what the problem was, but somewhere along the way, this became a real taboo. It’s a pity because, in the end, you will spend your life with yourself”, she concludes and adds:

“I understand it better now. I do not postpone things and I do not do things that I do not want because of the fear of not upsetting someone. I understand that it might be funny because I love myself so much now, but I have no problem with it. I’m no longer asking for any confirmation from other people. “

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