She Met a Boy At a Party And Became His Slave: Went Through a Hell For Three Years!


Angelique (22) of Ballarat, Australia, was only 16 when she met Thomas Jennings at a party, with whom she had been dating for three years.

In this relationship, he was a ‘master’ and she was his ‘slave’.

Shortly after they met, she moved in with him, and he forced her to sign a contract between “master and a slave.”

“I thought it was about renting a house, and when I signed it, he said to me, ‘Now I’m the master, and you are subordinate, which means you’re my slave,'” Angelique said.

Angelique described Jennings sprinkling hot pepper on her while showering, locking her in a dog box, putting a dog collar around her neck and forcing her to walk on all fours.

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“He convinced me that what he was doing was right and that I deserved it all.”

Angelique had no friends, no family, so she had no one to turn to for help. The torture continued until one of his friends saw how thin and scared she was.

He tried to make his dog to attack her, grabbed his collar and ordered him to kill her. He seriously intended to do that- said his friend Chris Born.

Born gave Angelique an alarm device and came when she called him, convincing Jennings that police wanted to talk to her about the firearm.

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Jennings has been charged with more than 20 offenses, some of which were dismissed after pleading guilty to 11. He was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for, inter alia, unlawful imprisonment, armed assault, and a dog attack.

Jennings was recently released and Angelique decided to go public to warn others to stay away from him.

“No one ever needs to experience anything like this again,” she said.

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