She Got Pregnant After 9 Days of the Relationship: an Honest Confession of an Actress Who Changed Her Life


Rosie Mac was single until half a year ago, she claimed to be in celibacy until she uttered the fateful “yes”, but then she met Josh Brex and her life has changed completely! Actually, the actress experienced love at first sight, and she decided, fortunately, to share her incredible story with the public.

“I never believed in love at first sight. But, when it happens to you, you just know,” she admired, the beauty that worked as a double in the “Game of Thrones” series, and in 2016 also took part in the “Little Mermaid”.

 She spoke publicly about her decision of celibacy without hesitation.

“My mother and grandmother lived in celibacy, but it was not just about them. When I was 14, I read an article about Adriana Lima and I thought it was nice to save yourself for your husband”, she explained for Daily Mail why she believed that she would not do anything sexual before marriage.

Singer Josh Brooks and her met via Facebook. Namely, they set up a date because she went to Los Angeles on business, and he lives there.

“We have mutual friends, so we found ourselves on Sunset Boulevard, and we immediately felt like we knew each other for years. I saw he had pretty good values and that his family was very important. My first instinct told me that he would be a good husband,” she revealed.

source: seligreporters

After three days, they decided to get married! He was sure she was the right woman for him, and they were equally comfortable and decided to take that step. In mid-April of the current year, they finally got married. Since there was no huge ceremony, she only informed her parents of the big day.

“I did five tests for pregnancy. I could not believe I was pregnant, I cried!”

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