She Was Born With Cerebral Palsy, Now Speaks 3 Languages: Anastasia (5) Earns More Than $18 Million Annually!


Anastasia Radzhinskaya is a five-year-old Russian girl and the third highest-paid Youtuber. She is earning more than $18 million from her channels annually!

She made her first steps on this popular platform a little over a year ago when she moved to Florida with her parents.

In order to give their friends and family a new life, as well as Anastasia’s health recovery, the family began making videos.

Namely, Anastasia Radzhinska, better known as Nastia, was born with cerebral palsy. Doctors there predicted that the girl would never speak because of a serious illness. But they were certainly wrong about that.

Today, this five-year-old Russian with cerebral palsy speaks three languages ​​- Russian, English and Spanish. She shares her speaking skills as well as family joys daily through six Youtube channels with nearly 107 million subscribers.

Because of this phenomenon, many experts in the field call her the world’s fastest-growing video creator.

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Most of the content was created in collaboration with her parents, more specifically with her father. Her biggest hit was a visit to the 2018 Zoo that has been viewed more than 767 million times.

Following the already digital success, the girl is also planning to launch her own line of toys, a mobile game and a book that is due out this year.

By the way, eight-year-old Ryan Kaji with his channel Ryan’s World still holds the leading position as the highest-paid Youtuber.

His annual earnings go up to a dizzying $ 26 million, followed by more than 22 million people worldwide. Forbes Magazine ranks Dude Perfect in second place, with 30-year-old friends Kobe Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Jones earning about $20 million a year.

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