Shocking Confession of a Woman Who Left Her Children and Her Husband


Some women are not ready to share their lives with family and children.

One of them revealed her intimate story that most condemned. How do you feel about this?

My son turned three. It was his birthday. It was 2001. Then I turned around, went out the door and left my two sons and a husband …

When I Discovered The True Truth About my Husband, I Experienced a Nervous Breakdown!

My husband and I have been together for years. More than you can imagine. Since our 17th year. And this whole story started when I got a job offer in Japan. I was supposed to be doing stories with people who survived the atomic bomb attack. I thought … My husband supported me.

And I left.

We maintained contact over the Internet. The more time passed, the more and more I became independent. I realized that this kind of life suits me. After two months, my husband and I began to reexamine our feelings. We realized that our marriage had fallen apart. He sent the kids to my place, but I just … couldn’t.

She Cheats me With Another Man, but I Can not Leave her: A Letter of Many sufferings to The Desperate Husband

They were happy to be in Japan with me, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t deal with everything and that’s when I realized that I never really wanted to be a mother.

I returned them to their father.

I came back from Japan. I live a few blocks away from my ex-family. Kids come whenever they want. I’m here for them.

And if you ask me if I’m sorry. I’m not.

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