Stay Alert: 6 Signals Showing that Your Partner Can’t Stand You Anymore


Six warning signs that you’re in a broken relationship, although the person you love might say it’s “all right.”

Sometimes it happens that after a breakup, people claim that it happened “out of nowhere”, that their relationship was good, and that the person they liked left them just like that.

Well, it’s never without a reason to tell you right away.

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Psychologist Ivona Allen, an expert on family relationships, says that people who are jealous or angry with a partner often do not state that.

“Many people are in relationships completely unconscious of their partner’s feelings,” she says.

“But even if they are not spoken, feelings find their way to the ‘surface’, usually manifesting themselves through behavior that is uncomfortable and frustrating.”

Here’s how to know that your relationship is not going well, even if the person you love claims that “everything is fine”:

The Partner uses every opportunity to argue

If you generally get along well, and the person with whom you are in a relationship with suddenly start using every opportunity to start a quarrel, even about menial things, it’s clear that something serious is wrong with your relationship.

He/she does not show any affection

One of the obvious signals, which is easy for people to miss, since this change in behavior is usually attributed to stress or fatigue, there is an obvious lack of affection. When was the last time your partner told you something nice when he/she hugged you?

You’re being ridiculed

It’s OK to play jokes on you, and that should not be hurtful, because humor is a part of every healthy relationship. But, if the jokes are such that you feel humiliated because you might be somewhere in public or with friends and that those jokes make you cry when you return home, then it’s a clear sign of disrespect … No one should live that way.

It looks like he/she’s pleased when something unpleasant happens to you

is the person you love not by your side when something bad happens to you or you just have a bad day? Is this not reason enough that something is off?

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Physical intimacy is a thing of the past

Although there may be millions of reasons for it, if such a situation persists, avoiding sexual relations is an obvious sign that a partner does not tolerate you anymore. Do not fall on the “I’m tired” / “my head hurts” excuse.

Passive-aggressive behavior is constant

Stubbornness is just the same, but constantly putting off all the things that matter to you … people don’t do that when they love someone.

“Although your partner might say that everything is fine if he does not behave it then it’s definitely not … Do fall into illusions,” advises Allen.

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