Stop Killing Your Pets: Human Food is Not For Animals!


One hot dog for them is like three burgers for a man.

Animal lovers are well aware of the difficulty of saying no to their pet. Especially in situations where the whole family gathers at the dining table.

Almost no meal passes without the dog or kitten being fed a sweet snack from the dining table that is not intended for them.

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Veterinary specialists around the world claim that feeding pets with leftovers after a meal is one of the leading causes of obesity in pets, followed by a number of very dangerous illnesses that most commonly result in fatalities.

Recent surveys conducted in countries around the world say that four out of five veterinarians have been met with an increasing number of overweight pets every day in the last two years.

And the same research says one in three owners feed their pet the leftovers from the dining table.

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Also, most owners, as many veterinarians say, simply underestimate the calorific value of human food, which is actually extremely dangerous to our pets.

For example, for one small dog, such as a cocker spaniel, one hot-dog is the equivalent of three burgers for an adult.

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Feeding doggies and kittens with human food or leftovers from our table literally shorten their lives by disrupting their health quicker and making them less resistant to various diseases.

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