Stronger Body For A Better Immunity: Suggested Exercises That Strengthen and Shape Muscles


Even though you are healthy, if you get out of breath as you climb the stairs it means you’re in poor physical shape.

The best and strongest defense against the virus is a good immune system. In order for the defense cells in the body to cope with pathological microorganisms, they should be helped. That is why a healthy diet, sufficient water intake, good hygiene, and strong muscles are necessary.

So if you are healthy and still breathless as you climb the stairs, you are in poor physical shape. Practically speaking, a weak body is a much easier target for many pathogens lurking in the air, from desks, public places …

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More physical activity is required to improve your physical shape.

Experts recommend that training should be well-combined and must also include warm-up and stretching exercises, combined with faster walking and gentle running.
When you regain strength and endurance, you can include suggested exercises that strengthen and shape your muscles in your activity program.


Lying on the floor with slightly bent legs and arms resting on the nape, raise the shoulder blades, while the lower back should remain resting on the base. Repeat the exercise 10 times. After 30 seconds of rest, lift the extended legs off the mat until they reach a 90-degree angle. Do 10 reps and take a break. Bend your legs again and lift only the shoulder blades, but with your elbow, aim at the opposite knee. Do the exercise alternately 10 reps each way.

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Take a standstill. Your arms are relaxed next to your body, holding a half-pound or small bottle filled with water in each. Take a step back and raise your arms high above your head. Gradually return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Work backward alternately until you have done 10 reps with each leg.


Lie on the floor with your feet resting on the edge of the bed or chair. Rest your upper body on your arms outstretched. For one minute, alternately touch the palm of your hand with one hand opposite the shoulder.


Take a stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms in front of you and gently tilt your upper body forward. Counting to four, slowly lower yourself as if you wanted to sit in a chair. Hold for a second in this position. Slowly return to the starting position by counting up to two. Repeat the exercise in two batches of 10 squats each, with a one-minute break.

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