Thanks to This, Every Day Is Filled With Happiness: The 72-hour Rule Has Totally Changed my Life!


“For me, stress is an unknown term”. 72-hour rule has completely erased it.

As much as you plan things out, life sometimes surprises us and challenges us in a way that we never hoped for. The way we respond to challenges and unpleasant things is actually a real test of our character and personality.

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A positive attitude is the key to solving all problems. My mother taught me when I was a kid that applying this rule will get me through difficult times more easily and that I will come out of that situation stronger than I was before.

I learned the lesson through a seemingly unimportant situation.

I drank water from the faucet and suddenly it burst and water started to spray everywhere. That made me completely wet from head to toe. I thought my mother would run home and bring me new things right away, but instead, she told me not to get nervous and to cheer up. The situation is very funny, so instead of being angry, It would be better to laugh.

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When bad things happen to us, we can either get nervous or accept what happened and try to get out of that situation with as little stress as possible.

My mother then told me about a tactic called 72 Hours. When something bad happens, the first rule is to not panic and not allow emotions that overwhelm you. Rest for 72 hours and let the situation and your head cool off.

So, 72 hours, three days … First day – you will be nervous and you will constantly think about what happened. On the second day, the level of nervousness and bitterness will decrease. Third day – your head will be completely cooled off that you will forget about the situation that disturbed you.

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This rule has helped me many times in my life. If you think about it, it’s actually great because if you react guided by emotions, you will only harm yourself. You are likely to say or do something reckless because the brain experiences some kind of blockage in stressful situations. If you give yourself some time, you will realize that it’s unnecessary to be nervous about some people or events.

By responding to stressful situations with anger, you are harming no one else but yourself.

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