The 13th Zodiac Sign: Have You Heard About it?


Horoscope enthusiasts are well acquainted with the 12 Zodiac signs, but did you know that some claim that there is a 13th sign? 

The additional sign, called the serpent-bearer, caused a great deal of attention when it was written about it in a NASA blog four years ago. This Zodiac sign is placed between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. 

However, astrologers believe that these changes in astronomy should not affect the Astrology world. They emphasize the same thing that NASA mentioned in its official statement: astronomy and astrology are not the same things. Although they rely on each other a lot. 

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Astrologers and astronomers agree that the position of the planets has changed in the last few decades. But astrologers, especially the traditional ones emphasize that the horoscope is based on the Western system of astrology. It has fixed signs according to the position of the Sun and the rotation of the planets around it, which is always the same. 

Astrologer Rick Levine states: “The serpent-bearer has nothing to do with astrology. It’s a new constellation and it has to do with stars, but not with Zodiac signs.” So according to which astrologers, should we take these changes into account? According to those who nurture Eastern astrology, which forms signs according to the constellation.

 If you follow astrology related to the constellations, your sign could change from Gemini to Taurus. You could even be the 13th sign of the Zodiac that you have already had the opportunity to read about. However, Western astrology does not take constellations into account at all. When astrologers say that the sun is in a certain sign, they mean the location in relation to the equinox. They are not talking about the location of the constellation. 

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But if you think you were born in the sign of serpent-bearer, here are some interesting facts about the controversial 13th Zodiac sign: Serpent-bearer represents people who are spiritual, possess magnetic energy, are impulsive, smart, but prone to jealousy, a very temperamental sign. They tend to group people around them, lead them, and bring them closer to each other. This is also a sign that over time develops a tendency towards reptiles.

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