The 60 Million-Year-Old Cave Turned into a Restaurant


A Jordanian geophysicist devised a creative idea to turn the 60 million-year-old cave into a modern restaurant.

George Haddadin, a Jordanian scientist, came to this idea when a coincidence led him to a hidden cave on the land he inherited from his father in his hometown, Madaba, in Jordan.

This part of the city in Jordan is famous for numerous caves, some of which are open to the public, and Haddadin wanted to build a house for his family on the site of today’s restaurant, not to mention that under the inherited estate there is an underground maze which ages 60 million years.

As a scientist, he was intrigued by the idea of ​​doing something with a locally discovered site, so the very idea of ​​opening a museum was initially unrealistic, as the public was not very inclined to visit any caves in the country.

The next idea was to serve food and drinks, so he left the museum idea and opened the restaurant Mrah Salameh, where Marah means a large area, and Salameh is the name of his late father. The construction lasted for 10 years and the restaurant became extremely popular, both with the local population and numerous tourists.

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