The Best And Cheapest Vacation Cities in Europe


Thousands of travelers rated different vacation cities in Europe in categories such as the quality of cultural attractions, accommodation, shopping, food, price, and service.

These are the cheapest cities in Europe for the holidays that you can consider:

Krakow was at the top of this list as the best city for a “weekend getaway” in Europe with 93 percent of the vote. It was the only city to receive five stars for the price/service ratio.

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Travelers say that you can a good meal in this Polish city for less than 8 euros and drink beer for two euros. The average price of hotel accommodation is half that of Amsterdam or Paris.

Krakow received five ratings for food as well. Visitors say there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat for “decent money”. Travelers are also quite impressed with the city’s history, and the cultural attractions have also received five stars.

Seville came second with 90 percent of the vote. Known for its flamenco, it also received five stars for tourist attractions, food, drink and quality of accommodation. Next place was Valencia with 89 percent of the vote, followed by Berlin with 88 percent. Berlin also received five stars for accommodation and attractions.

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In fifth place is Amsterdam, followed by Budapest. Travelers say that the capital of Hungary is the city with probably the cheapest accommodation. The top 10 still included Munich, Venice, Verona, and Bordeaux.

Athens, the capital of Greece, ranked 19th and Rome only 27th out of 50. The Italian capital received five stars for tourist attractions such as the Sistine Chapel and the Fontana di Trevi, the Colosseum, but tourists complain of too much crowd at these attractions.

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Paris was just below Rome, with 80 percent of the vote, which received “negative points” for the same reason as the Italian capital – because of overcrowding. Things tourists aren’t impressed with, in this city, are the choice of accommodation and the price/service ratio.

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Last in the top 50 was Alicante, which received 72 percent of the vote. It received only 72 percent of the vote, only two stars from the cultural attraction, and the prices are high – beer costs around 11 euros.

What city would you choose for your vacation in Europe?

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