The Best and Worst Mother-daughter Combinations in The Horoscope


There is rarely a family relationship as intense as the one between mother and daughter. It can be filled with great love, but also with many quarrels.

The constellation of zodiac signs plays an important role in this: as with love relationships, there are couples in the family who work great together, but also those who have problems almost every day…

Leo and Aquarius

Leo’s mother is a born leader. She will pretty much sit in the parent council and fight for her child’s rights. However, she can also be a lot of fun. So it should come as no surprise when the Aquarius daughter is taken to the rock concert for the first time by her mom. Who, by the way, will enthusiastically dance in the audience. The Lion mom always wants the best for her child but also lets her have her own free space.

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Cancer and Cancer

When she thinks of her mother, a cancer-born daughter is filled with pride. Namely, Cancer moms are very social, with both feet standing firmly on the ground, so they do their jobs with ease. As long as it doesn’t seem (too) scary to the daughter, then this combination is ideal.

Capricorn and Scorpio

Scorpio is a perfectionist. When it comes to upbringing, she wants to do everything right and is preparing everything for that role. As soon as the child sees the light of day, the Scorpio mothers feel a strong love that completely overwhelms them. Because of this, they forgive their daughter’s smaller and bigger mistakes that they would never have made. For the Capricorn, it is the ideal blend of security and freedom, which they badly need.

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There can often be problems between these combinations:

Leo and Pisces

People born in the sign of Leo, the fire sign, seek a lot of attention. This makes Pisces feel terrified because they prefer their peace of mind. It takes a lot of patience to meet the needs of a mother and daughter. Although they deeply love each other, their relationship is intertwined with many conflicts.

Aries and Virgo

In this constellation, fire sign and earth sign (Aries and Virgo) are encountered. Virgo thinks about the advantages and disadvantages before doing anything, and Aries will rush with its head through the wall. It is very tiring if the mother was born in an Aries sign. It takes a lot of talking – it would be best to find a common hobby that brings them together.

Cancer and Sagittarius

People born in the sign of the Sagittarius need their free space more than other signs. When someone takes their breathing air, the Sagittarius’ become restless and retreat. Emotional Cancer copes with that with great difficulty: it needs a lot of love and attention, as it considers each moves very personal. In this constellation, both must agree to compromise in order for the relationship to be as good as it gets.

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Aries and Sagittarius

Two fiery signs meet here in the family – and it’s as explosive as it sounds. They both have great energy and joy in life, so they are constantly on the lookout for fun and adventure. What can develop into a deep mother-daughter friendship at a later age is filled with childhood outbursts of anger and differences of opinion – both of which can lead to the brink of despair.

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