The Doctor Did an Experiment: I Haven’t Used Soap for a Month, Here’s What Happened!


If we stop using various care products, the body will find it’s way to get back in balance.

Showering is a common daily routine and we often use soap. It is nowadays almost impossible to imagine everyday life without this habit.

But James Hamblin, a doctor, and columnist for The Atlantic magazine decided to do an unusual experiment that involved stopping this habit. He decided that he will not shower for a month.

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Specifically, he gradually stopped using all the soaps (except the fluid hand soap to prevent the spread of germs and diseases), various creams and even deodorants. In order not to feel too dirty, he just rinsed himself with water.

The move was inspired by New York Times journalist Julia Scott, who before him underwent this experiment so she could test a spray with live bacteria that looks and tastes like water but is full of bacteria that scientists believe would live on our skin when we don’t bathe constantly.

This experiment proved that the body can manage ‘its small ecosystem’ on the skin. Therefore, we should not disturb it by showering and using aggressive washing soaps.

The result of his experiment was not a stench, but according to the people who were with him, he smelled ‘like a man’.

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“Detergents and body care products that we apply daily to the skin and hair disrupt the balance of oils and the good bacteria that live on us,” says Hamblin, who believes that we are killing them with aggressive showering.

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Although they quickly re-populate, they are no longer ‘in balance’ because the body produces bad bacteria faster, causing an unpleasant odor.


Good bacteria will flourish and bad bacteria will be ‘under control’.

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