The Dog Died 15 Minutes After the Owner Passed Away: Sad Story About True Love Between Man and Animal


Stuart Hutchison died of a brain tumor when he has just 25 years old. He had been battling this terrible disease for years, and his dog Nero never got separated from him. They were so attached together that the unfortunate animal passed away 15 minutes after him.

Nero was a small French bulldog with big sad eyes. He watched his owner struggle with the tumor for eight years. Stuart was undergoing a surgery and a chemotherapy, but all was in vain.

He returned to his mother’s home to spend the rest of his life as comfortable as possible. She nurtured him and cared for him. His wife Daniel spent as much time as she could with him, knowing that they don’t have many days left to be togeher .

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On the night that Stuart passed away, his father left the house to do something, and when he returned, he found Nero lying there, almost lifeless. Stuart was still alive at the time. The father quickly took the dog to the vet, but it was too late, because he died at the animal hospital, just 15 minutes after his unhappy owner left the world.

“Stuart died at about 1:15 pm and Nero died approximately 15 minutes later the same day. He had three dogs, but Nero and him were one soul. Nero was always with him,” said his mother, Fiona, and added that while they were preparing for Stuart’s death, they were shocked because in fact no one is able to sufficiently prepare for something like that..

“His wife Daniel is broken, she lost both of them on the same day, though she was so strong all the time and bravely went through it all,” Fiona mentioned.

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