The Famous Chef Has Important Advice for All Travel Lovers


Relax and let the magic happen to you. A man who visited the world gave important advice for all travel lovers.

When traveling somewhere, you usually want to see as much as possible. Though in 99 percent of the time you are pretty limited in time. For example, if you go to Paris for three days, you don’t necessarily have to visit the Louvre and Orsay, the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, because your stay here will be reduced to a relentless chase from one location to another.

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It is a mistake to go somewhere and plan everything in advance in order to see as much as possible, shared by the celebrated chef – Anthony Bourdain.

In an interview with The Time Magazine, the celebrity chef talked about the desire of tourists to plan everything and visit everything.

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“It’s hard to organize time on the road, so when you’re short on time you don’t have to go to the places everyone goes to. Relax and let the magic happen to you,” he stated.

In his opinion, classic tourist tours only limit you, because “nothing special will happen to you if you decide to visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower in Paris and ignore many ‘little’ things.”

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“Plans should be changeable,” he believes, and he recommends that it is better to spend more days in one place. That way you will be able to feel how that place really “breathes”, and not to fly from one destination to another.

Also, Bourdain talks about discovering lesser-known destinations and recommends that you relax and enjoy the journey without having to “see” some sights. This is his important advice for all travel lovers.

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