The Famous Singer Spoke About Her Crises, Pain, and Disorder She Has Struggled With for Years


Demi Lovato spoke about her eating disorder in a show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

The singer spoke about the major crises and difficult times she was experiencing.

I didn’t know it to this day, but for the past 6 years, I’ve lived a life that I felt was not mine. I struggled with eating disorders and that was my primary problem which turned into many other things. My life was controlled, though I hate to use that word, by the many people around me.

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Demi Lovato added that there were no telephones in the hotel rooms in which she was staying, so as not to order room service, her orders at cafes were monitored and fruits would be removed from her room because it contains sugar.

For many years, I haven’t even had a birthday cake. I had a watermelon cake, that is, watermelon cut into a cake shape with a low-fat cream on top – and that was my cake. I just wanted the right cake and this year I had a new team and my manager gave me the best birthday cake. I spent my birthday with Ariana Grande, one of my closest friends. I remember crying because I was finally eating cake with someone who asks nothing of me and loves and supports me. I think at some point it becomes dangerous to control someone who is recovering from an overeating disorder.

Lovato says she is single and focused on herself.

We are fine even when we are alone, we do not need a partner, we do not need different substances.

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Demi also talks about her return after 6 years since she was “sober”.

My bulimia was there and I asked for help but didn’t get it. I thought about being sober, but I felt bad. I’ve been sober for 6 years, and I’m feeling worse than ever. Why am I sober?

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She also added that her girl crush is Rihanna.

Look, I just wanna cuddle with her, okay? We can also record a song. Maybe we should kiss in the video.

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