The Fiancé Left Her Because She Was Too Fat, and Three Years Later She Became Miss of UK


If you’ve been wondering what the ultimate revenge is, here’s the answer. The girl whom the fiancé left because she was too fat is now the crowned Miss of the United Kingdom. Here is the story of Jen Atkins.

Three years ago, Jen Atkin was planning her dream wedding when her fiancé canceled everything. He cited “eating too much fast food” and being “overweight” as the reasons for a breakup.

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If he saw her today, he would surely regret his decision, because that same “fat bride” has now been declared Miss od UK and looks just fine!

Jen Atkins, 26-year-old blonde, replaced fast food with a healthy and balanced diet, committed to serious workouts and lost 50 pounds in two years.

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After falling from 107 kg to 57 kg, she competed in 2018 for Miss England pageant where she was the first runner-up.

Jen Atkins then briefly withdrew from the beauty pageants, recently deciding to try one more time. She competed in the 75th Miss United Kingdom election where she finally won the crown.

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I’m still in shock that I won. I’m so happy I can’t even describe it – I honestly can’t believe it. When I started this, it was just for fun, I never imagined how far I would go. Three years ago, I never expected to win the UK peagent. The big effort really pays off – Jen Atkins said after the competition.

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