The Five Biggest Flaws of Every Zodiac Sign


The biggest flaws of Zodiac signs are often overlooked. And they can tell you if your sweetheart is currently unbearable, or if their stars were fixed that way when they were born.

These are their flaws, and you judge if you can “accept” them.


1) Aries has the most explosive temperament in the Zodiac and can hardly control anger.
2) They often act immaturely.
3) They get easily excited when they start something new, but quickly lose interest
4) They are impatient – they always want everything right away.
5) They are selfish and do not know how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.


1) Don’t expect to win in arguments, because they are stubborn. They do not yield even if they are wrong.
2) They are very lazy when it comes to home responsibilities.
3) Their wants and needs always come first.
4) They can be really boring.
5) They are difficult to open and rarely talk about their feelings.

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1) You can’t rely on them – they are very unreliable.
2) You have to analyze their mood every day to know how to deal with them.
3) They charm with words, but rarely fulfill what is promised.
4) They get bored of everything quickly so you can often feel superfluous.
5) They never finish anything.


1) Their mood swings are unbearable.
2) They can say harsh words and avoid guilt.
3) They can become dependent on you, so you will feel like you are in prison.
4) They quickly want a serious relationship, marriage, and family, and they are not even sure if they are ready for it.
5) Your life with them can be monotonous and predictable – rarely they agree to do something new.


1) You will rarely feel safe with them because they like to flirt wherever they get.
2) You will always feel like you are not loved as much as you love them and like you are constantly competing.
3) They will rarely admit that they are wrong, and if they admit it, they will not believe it themselves.
4) They can be arrogant and tactless.
5) Because they need to be in the spotlight, you will feel like you are in their shadow.

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1) Exaggerates in analyzing and judging other’s behavior.
2) They always expect others to be the initiator.
3) They like to pout and act like little kids after a fight.
4) They are often insecure and expect you to give them security, even if the root of their insecurity is not in you.
5) Unless you live by their rules, they will nag you every day.


1) Libra knows well what you want to hear, so it often happens that they do not tell you the truth.
2) They like games, to punish and to reward, and to manipulate a partner.
3) They can easily turn against you if you hurt them.
4) They are often vain and burdened with the appearance and are expected to look perfect.
5) They are not persistent. They often complain and are difficult to listen to.


1) They are indescribably jealous and whenever you talk to someone of the opposite sex they look at you like a hawk.
2) You will often not know how you feel with them because they can manipulate your emotions.
3) They can ignore you completely and just leave you and leave your life.
4) They have many secrets.
5) Even small debates with them often lead to great strife.

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1) Sagittarius loves to talk, but can’t listen.
2) They expect others to animate them, and if they are not entertained, they complain.
3) Sagittarius thinks that he knows everything best and does not want to accept new information.
4) They can be direct and insensitive.
5) They like to be dominant in the relationship.


1) Their business is always above their partners.
2) They want everything under their control.
3) They often can’t relax and be spontaneous, which can make your relationship annoying.
4) They analyze and remember your every mistake and never forget them.
5) You can’t influence their attitude – you just have to adjust.


1) Aquarius lives in their imagination, so they often seem distant.
2) They like to give lectures because they always know the best.
3) You will meet many of their friends who will often be there, so you will feel like you are not enough for them.
4) Although they claim to be liberal, they judge everyone who is not like them by their rigid principles.
5) You always know what they think, and rarely what they feel.

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1) You often have to repeat the same thing several times.
2) It is difficult to encourage them to start something and finish it within a certain timeframe.
3) It will often seem that you do not fit into their lives, as they will constantly make new plans for the future.
4) They sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, so you constantly feel that you have to take care of them.
5) They idealize all their relationships with people and have a thousand expectations from you.

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