The Gentle Side of Wild Life: A Bear Saved a Crow From Drowning in His Pool


The bear rescued the bird, then calmly returned to his daily activities.

One bear, who resides in the Budapest zoo, decided to show everyone that his species wasn’t cruel and bloodthirsty how everyone represents them.

This bear noticed that a crow was stuck in his pool, between the wall and the stone. The bear heard the crow while she was attempting to escape from the trap. He ran to the aid, so he put his big paw in the pool and pushed the crow out of her “cage”.

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After this rescue action, the bear returned to his daily activities – laziness and eating, when he heard the crow again.

The crow is very skillful at flying, but her swimming skills aren’t her strongest side. She was trying to take off, but she was just clapping her wings on the water.

See how it looked in the link below.


This good-natured bear caught the crow with his paw and delivered her to the land.

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He was very careful not to hurt the crow. You can notice that by the fact that he caught the crow by the feather, although he was physically able to swallow her easily.

The crow got to her feet, but didn’t leave immediately – she was staring at her giant savior for a few moments, who calmly returned to eating his apple.

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