The Greatest Vices of Zodiac Signs


Astrologers claim that there is a difference between zodiac signs and the vices they favor. Therefore, read this article and remember it, so the next time you decide to seduce someone, you will pay attention to their sign.

These are the greatest vices of zodiac signs.


Aries is an individual who is governed by fire and is often tempted by cigarettes and alcohol. Once Aries gets hooked, it’s very hard for him to stop because he’s stubborn.

They think that smoking or antidepressants relieve stress, and they like cigarettes because they believe they look glamorous with them.


This is a very stable sign, but this sign is not too aware of himself and his actions when it comes to food and drink. Taurus pleases all senses, so they are prone to overdo it.

If they are sexually frustrated, they will drink too much or act aggressively, and if they feel guilty, they will become a workaholic.


This is a sign that often changes moods and tries to alleviate their suffering in various vices. They are best known for liking smoking, but they can also easily get into adrenaline sports because they get bored very quickly.

Also, they are common sex addicts. However, they know how to focus their hyperactivity on creative work, so they are often dependent on work and the internet.

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Cancers are moon-driven, and so often moody. It is not unusual for this sign to indulge in pills or alcohol when in a certain mood.

When angry, Cancers tend to suppress anger with food, while they smoke cigarettes to stay thin.


Leos think that they are immortal, so they will indulge in a little bit of every vice in their lives. They are often known as gamblers, infidels, smokers, and alcohol is no stranger to them.

When it comes to infidelity, the Leo gives in to it as soon as they feel emotional instability in their relationship.


Virgos are the greatest workaholics of all the Zodiac signs. They are often obsessively compulsive and can be very upset if things do not go as planned.

This is usually the trigger for the use of tranquilizers and alcohol. Many of them will smoke to maintain their ideal weight.

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This is a sign that idealizes everything, and when things go in an unexpected direction, they will make a trip out of ugly reality and indulge in alcohol and unchaste pleasures.

Libras feel uncomfortable in the moments of commitment, and can often be unfaithful in order to avoid this. They can also get hooked on exercise and sometimes even exaggerate in it.


Zodiac’s biggest s*x addicts are drawn to s*xual content. They adore making love under the influence of alcohol, spending a lot of money on clothes and fancy restaurants to impress the opposite sex.

Scorpio doesn’t like people who aren’t fashionable and often smoke cigarettes to look skinny and glamorous.

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These curious individuals may fall into a financial crisis because of their addiction to traveling they cannot afford. Being restless by nature, infidelity and sexual addiction are often a problem for them.

This is one of those Zodiac signs that believe they are immortal, so it is not uncommon for them to drink, smoke and do horrible things to their body because they feel they can always be healed. Unfortunately, this is the safe path to addiction.


This is the Zodiac sign that is the least prone to vices than other characters. They are very attentive to their body and can be addicted to exercise.

There is a great risk of anorexia and bulimia in wanting to look thin and beautiful. The only vice they love is cigarettes.


This character likes to explore new ways of thinking and trying different perceptions, so often people born in the sign of Aquarius can find themselves among vegetarians.

What distinguishes them is that they go from extreme to an extreme – so their addiction can drive people crazy and last a long time, though they almost always start to take care of their health again.

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The reason for Pisces addiction can only be romance. Pisces like to drink to forget the pain they feel in reality and because they are a delicate sign that gets hurt easily.

Medication is also something that Pisces can become addicted to. Because they are dreamers, they are prone to taking opiates when they are feeling down.

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