The happiest Hedgehog in the World: He is so sweet that you will watch his pictures for hours!


The German Hedgehog Herbie is one of the biggest “petfluencers” in the world – thanks to the inspirational photos posted on Instagram by his owner, Talita Girnus from Wiesbaden.

Talita first started posting photos from her travels with Herbie’s predecessor Mr. Pokee. Unfortunately, Mr.Pokee died earlier this year, so now her companion during her travels around the world is a cute hedgehog, Herbie.

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The popularity of this African dwarf hedgehog is best illustrated by the fact that Herbie currently has over 1.5 million followers who adore the adventures of this smiling hedgehog.

“Incredible people from all over the world inspire our adventures primarily because they like the message that we send: STOP, forget for a second about all the serious things happening in the world and laugh with Herbie,” the owner of this dwarf hedgehog wrote on her blog. and said:

“Herbie and I want to remind you all never TO lose faith because the World is full of magical places and moments and it isn’t that bad.”

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Herbie has won the hearts of the fans around the world not only with his amazing smile. Also with his cute look in homemade kits that his owner makes, such as winter socks and knit caps.

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