The Incredible Resemblance of Celebrities and Their Doubles


Some of the world-famous stars had the opportunity to make sure that their doubles really exist, and when you see the similarity between them you will not be able to believe your eyes!

Guillermo Zapata as George Clooney

Not only is this forty-year-old Spaniard regarded as one of the sexiest male models, but he also irresistibly reminds us of the famous actor George Clooney – so much that you cannot determine with certainty who is really who.

Robert Mackinnon as Ryan Gosling

The Instagram profile of this California guy could not go unnoticed after many noticed the striking resemblance to a Hollywood seducer Ryan Gosling. Robert Mackinnon is electrician, and many ladies were pleasantly surprised after he admitted he was – single!

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Francesca Brown as Katy Perry

In addition to looking exactly the same as a popular singer, Francesca Brown stands out because she can perfectly mimic Katy’s facial expressions as well as style.

Brittany Williams as Beyonce

Meet the charming Brittany Williams. She is a lady from Detroit who looks just like “Queen Bee”. Brittany admitted that many times fans of the famous Beyonce have stopped her in the street. She states that the look of the music star is solely due to nature. She said she never bothered to look like a singer.

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Sofia Solares as Selena Gomez

The 20-year-old girl says Instagram followers showered her daily with messages that she was exactly the same as Selena Gomez. She admits that she is a huge fan of the famous actress and singer. But that despite her incredible resemblance, she strives to remain herself. She doesn’t try to be what she is not.

Janice Gary as Jennifer Lopez

A charming 20-year-old Texas woman boasts that she looks like the twin sister of one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Does the Latin Diva Beautify her Photos on Social Networks? See how J. Lo Really Looks on the Beach

They say that each of us in the world has a double. Well, it turns out my double is Jennifer Lopez – she proudly wrote on Instagram under one of her photos in which she irresistibly resembles a Latin diva.

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