The Meaning of the Kisses


Actions speak louder than words, and so does the kiss – here’s the meaning of the kisses he gives to you.

A kiss on the lips

A quick kiss on the lips, as empowered, is the way a man who loves his partner says “hello” or “see you later”. If he kisses you like that at home, where no one is watching, it means that he appreciates you very much and that you have truly become an integral part of his daily life.

If he kisses you in public like this, then he probably wants something more serious with you.

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Kiss on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead tells you that he wants to take care of you, to protect you. With a kiss on the forehead, a man tells you that he cares about you, that he likes to share space with you, that you mean a lot to him. He likes you, not just your body. The man who kisses you on the forehead thus tells you that he is always there for you.

A kiss on the hand

This kiss is the way your man flirts. In addition, if a man kisses you on the hand, it shows that he has confidence, but also that he likes to attract attention – because, it is unusual to kiss someone on the hand if you are not a member of the royal family.

A kiss on the hand may also mean that he cares more about “play” and image than you, so pay attention to his behavior.

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A kiss on the inside of your wrist

A kiss like this is very passionate and means that he would probably drag you to bed immediately if you are not prevented from being alone.

Neck kiss

With this kiss, the man shows you that he has strong feelings for you, but it is also a great way of telling you that he wants you, without saying a word.

French Kiss

If he kisses you this way, you will be completely enchanted. French kissing is most commonly associated with teenage age, but it is actually a great way to let your partner know that you are attracted to him.

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A kiss on the cheek

It’s quite OK if your partner kisses you on the cheek sometimes, but if he kisses you all the time, he’s probably no longer in love with you. If it’s a man you love and he kisses you on the cheek all the time, it’s almost like shaking hands.

He shows you in this way that he cares about you, but not in that romantic way and you don’t attract him as a woman.

A kiss near the eye

It may seem strange and unusual to you, but it means that he really appreciates you and cares. With this gesture, the man shows pure love.

A kiss on the stomach

If your partner kisses you on the stomach, it means that he is completely comfortable with you and that he feels that you too are completely natural and relaxed in his presence. Since not everyone likes the look of their belly, having a partner kiss you right in the stomach is a way of thanking him for allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of him.

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