The Missing Person Case Becomes Quite Exciting


The bus driver reported the disappearance of the woman. That is how this exciting missing person case started. It turned out she had been with a group of tourists the whole time, but they didn’t recognize her because she changed clothes. She, too, took part in the search, unaware that they were looking for her

A short news item on a column in a 2012 foreign newspaper went viral seven years later. The news about the search for a missing tourist in Iceland is constantly circulating on social networks. To make the case even more bizarre, the woman in question has become involved in the search herself.

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Entitled “The Mysterious Missing Woman Mystery Resolved,” foreign media wrote about the unusual infantry of a group of tourists visiting the 2012 Eldgja Volcanic Canyon in Iceland.

At one point, a woman took the opportunity to change her clothes and returned to the bus. However, the bus driver who remembered her previously dressed did not recognize her. He alerted other passengers by reporting her disappearance.

This missing person case was getting more exciting with every minute. When she heard that the search for a female person was in progress, she did not even suspect that they were looking for her. Even after describing her appearance, height and Asian origin, she did not recognize that they were looking for her.

Illustrations that show what kind of world we live in

It is alleged that tourists have been looking for her around the canyon for hours. She was also involved in the search since she was convinced that one of her companions had disappeared.

Exciting missing person case resolved!

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