The Most Beautiful Actress Confessed That She Is A Lesbian!


The most beautiful actress in the world Rosario Dawson clarifies her sexuality and confessed that she is a lesbian.

The actress backed up the Gay Parade on Instagram last year and by then, doubts had already arisen about being a lesbian. During the interview, she said that was not her intention at the time, but now wants to publicly admit:

“People used to say that I publicly announced that I was gay at the time, but that was not true. I never publicly admitted to being a homosexual, though that’s exactly what I’m doing now,” the actress said.

I’ve never had a serious gay relationship, so that’s why I’ve never talked about it publicly.

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Rosario had a false relationship with Cory Booker, but we believe they will remain good friends after all.

Rosario Dawson says she’s still going strong with the man in her life — even if she considers herself not entirely straight.

In a Feb. 14 interview with Bustle, the “Sin City” star attempted to clarify her sexuality following a 2018 Gay Pride post.

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“Happy pride month!” Dawson previously had tweeted. “Sending love to my fellow LGBTQ+ homies. Keep being strong in the face of adversity. Loud & Proud.”

Her daughter Isabella, is 17 years old. Dawson adopted her back in 2014.

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