The Most Beautiful Actress In Hollywood Doesn’t Look Like Herself!


No one could recognize this actress, who has the most beautiful smile in Hollywood.

She is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, and today there is no sign of that beauty. The isolation period also seems to have affected Julia Roberts, so we can see her lately in completely relaxed editions.

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Without makeup, messy hair and a casual outfit, she was photographed walking down the streets of Los Angeles and we can say that this Hollywood actress does not look like herself.

Her smile, by which she was recognizable, could not be seen on her face this time. Since we’re used to seeing her with full make up, this style surprised us, but also her fans who wondered what happened to her?

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Several commented that she looked sad and thoughtful. We could also read on social media for comments criticizing her appearance. “A big star must not allow herself to leave home like this,” said her fan.

The isolation period also seems to have affected her, so whether you are famous or not, we can say that no one is immune to this virus. And what do you think?

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