The Most Beautiful Cities Located on the Lake


Have you ever spent your vacation on the lake?

If you are a fan of places located close to the water, your choice doesn’t have to be coastal destinations with miles of beaches. No, your choice may be placed near the lakes.

Today, these kinds of places are not only the choice of couples in love, because of their romantic atmosphere, but also of all who want to enjoy themselves away from mass tourism, being near to the untouched nature. Just imagine this: sipping a glass of wine at a waterfront cafe overlooking the lake, which reflects mountains, clouds, and forest areas. Wonderful picture, isn’t it?

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The next 5 fairytale cities offer you just that – a magical experience in a quieter setting.

Ascona (Ascona, Switzerland)

The Monden’s place on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore looks like the entire Mediterranean has moved to Switzerland. In Ascona, you can stay at a five-star hotel, cruise the lake and drink Aperol while looking at the beautiful sunsets. All in half an hour from the Italian border. The beauty here surrounds you – from the distant Alps or to the streets winding around the old part of town. Here you can see the church from the 16th century Pietro d Paolo, as well as the buildings in vibrant colors that surround the promenade by the lake.

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Europeans come here to escape the bustle and relax in some of the lidos (public swimming pools). There is also an Eden Roc resort with as many as 4 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, a 2,000-square-foot spa, and beautiful lake views that many consider being prettier than the sea.

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Lake Pichola (India)

Maharana Udai Singh chose to build his City Palace here in 1559. Since then, Lake Pichola, one of a chain of lakes in Udaipur, has enjoyed an elevated status—even though it was artificially created in the 14th century. Adding to its allure are two islands, each with its own palace, that doesn’t need Instagram filters to look spectacular when silhouetted at dusk. Sail across the lake to visit Jag Mandir Island Palace, where royals used to hold parties and have your own royal meal.

Lake Como (Italy)

This glamorous lake has always been the first choice of aristocratic families from Lombardy, who was just there to buy villas. Celebrities also love Como, so George Clooney, Madonna, and others have found their homes here.

Of all the places on the lake, the town of Cernobbio is definitely one of the most picturesque. Nearby is perhaps the most beautiful villa on the lake, the 16th-century Villa d’Este, known for its fountains and fairytale gardens. Of course, while you are here you have to go on a lake cruise and tour the entire Como coast.

Hallstatt (Austria)

A small village from the 16th century with alpine houses and baroque churches, which are reflected in Lake Hallstatt, is now considered one of the most beautiful Austrian towns. Hallstatt is located near Salzburg and has a population of 1,000. The city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. This city is also known for its oldest salt mine.

Although spring and autumn are perfect for a visit to Hallstatt, it is increasingly popular as a winter choice. This is because of the fairy-tale beauty of the snow cover that, in conjunction with the lake, makes a perfect picture. The Christmas Market is a special attraction in the winter, as is the Hotel Gruener Baum. This hotel was made in 1700. Many famous guests stayed in it such as famous Empress Sissi and Agatha Christie.

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Lake Powell (US)

Sometimes man’s handiwork rivals nature, as is the case with Lake Powell. This striking free-form lake was created in 1963 by damming the Glen Canyon. It presents the U.S.’s second-largest man-made lake. This lake is perfect for a visit. Lined with beaches and popular with houseboat owners and sport fisherman, it photographs like a dream. To enjoy the area take a boat tour to impressive Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

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