The Most Exciting Cities In The World


You would love to experience a great time without caring what it costs, but you don’t know where the best parties in the world are right now. Here we present to you the most exciting cities in the world.

The American magazine Forbes has toured cities around the world and explored what kind of entertainment they offer. Where the best parties are, the most interesting clubs, the most famous bars – and above all the most cheerful residents? In addition to classic proposals such as New York and London, new recommendations such as Tel Aviv, Marrakech and Reykjavik were on the list this time. If you have already booked the New Year’s Eve, you can start looking for places for your next vacation in 2020.

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Previously, many have connected Thailand’s capital with Patpong’s red-light districts, but in the meantime, Bangkok has grown into the most popular Asian capital. Bangkok has become a glamorous fashionable place. Those who want to experience traditional Bangkok should visit the “Grand Palace”, the former residence of Thai kings. For fans of more modern attractions, the absolute hit is the numerous sky bars.

A city that never sleeps and has a nightlife that is simply endless. Huge clubs with disc jockeys famous around the world, elegant lounge bars, or places where jazz is played live – in New York you can find just about anything, any time of the day and night.

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Tel Aviv

Thanks to residents who love to have fun, the Israeli metropolis is increasingly becoming one of the cities in the Mediterranean that offers the best entertainment. One of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv is “Lehman brothers”, and it is located right in the harbor.

The capital of cold Iceland also offers parties that will keep everyone warm. This exciting city is known for its fun-loving population, and thanks to the financial crisis, others are now able to join the fun, because the prices are cheaper than ever. It is a tradition not to choose an individual club for entertainment, but to go downtown and have a tour around famous bars and clubs.


Ibiza has been the most exciting city in Europe for years. The main season for partying in the Balearic Islands is in July and August, but most of the famous clubs are also open for the New Year. “Cafe del mar” is a true classic of the local offer.

The German (and possibly European) capital of parties. Almost no other city in the world has so many diverse clubs as Berlin. Those who are looking for crazy fun will hurry to the dance floor at the elegantly decorated club called “Cookies”, or visit the “Berghain”, the shrine of electronic music.

The Cote d’Azur is known as the meeting place of the rich and beautiful. Exclusive clubs, expensive yachts, beautiful women, flowing champagne. It also attracts stars like Bruce Willis. You can’t expect to spend New Year’s Eve on the beach, but the rich, beautiful and those who love their company will celebrate it at clubs such as “Les Caves du Roy”.

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Rio de Janeiro

Here they really know how to celebrate and have fun, not only at the carnival, which seems to last all year long! Rio is rainforest, samba, dream beaches, and much more. Local beauties and tanned tourists meet at night at the fashionable “Londra Bar” in the Fasano Hotel.

London’s nightlife is sensational and prone to exaggeration and is not as expensive as it used to be. Clubs such as “Boujis” are regularly visited by no other than Prince William.

Known as a city of sin but also as the city of glamor, it is not surprising that the nightlife of New York is dazzling and glamorous. In “Tabu Ultra Lounge” of the MGM Grand hotel, even the waitresses who look like models are legendary. On the other hand, the “Rock” nightclub at New York, New York Hotel attracts many celebrities.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels also offers divine options to replace the day with a night out: one of the most popular places is “Le D” – a restaurant, bar, and nightclub in one. “Opera” and “Crimson” are practically two nightclubs in one. Half of Hollywood is regularly seen spending their time there, including Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The town of Hvar is located on the island of the same name. It is not only a dream destination for those who fly looking for a sunny place to rest but also a great place to party at sea. One of the popular places to go to is the Karpe Diem bar. This bar is located near the promenade in the harbor. The beach parties here are legendary.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, starts late and lasts a long time. Locals rarely go to clubs before 2 am at night. Of course, tango and Latin rhythms play a big part in the nightlife here.

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