The Mountain Climber Was Rescued


An Australian mountaineer got an injury after falling down a six-foot waterfall. This mountain climber said he had to “carry” his broken leg while crawling to the clearing where he was rescued after two days.

Neil Parker, 54, was alone on a field trip near Brisbane on Sunday. He unfortunately slipped and ended with a broken ankle and lower leg that “snapped in half.”

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Considering that he lost his cellphone in the fall, he decided that his best prospect of rescue was to reach the clearing. After a two-day agony, he reached a clearing where some rescuers spotted him.

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“I crawled a meter, a meter and a half, so I took a break. It took me two days in three kilometers. I thought I’d never get there,” Neal said.

Parker said he was planning a three-day trip to Mount Sky but unfortunately, the rocks rolled and he fell down the waterfall.

Parker had bandages in his equipment, which he combined with sticks to immobilize his leg. He also had painkillers and some food.

This mountain climber was relatively lucky and was rescued after two days. What would have happened If he didn’t have enough strength to get himself to that clearing.

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