The Noble Boy Makes Koala Figures, Sells Them And Gives Money To Animals In Australia


The story of a boy from Massachusetts proves that you are never too young to do a good deed.

Six-year-old Owen Koli, of Hingham, makes clay koala figurines to help animals affected by wildfires in Australia. He has already raised more than $ 240,000.

Owen’s mother Caitlin told CNN that he was very upset by the news of the Australian fires, especially because of its effects on wildlife. Owen’s father Simon grew up in Sydney. And he himself lived there for several months, which is why he remains attached to the country.

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Upon learning of the dire situation in Australia, he drew a drawing of a koala in the rain and “first expressed his desire for something other than LEGO cubes and thought of someone other than himself.”

He wanted to help, so the family came up with the idea of ​​making clay koalas. They were initially donated to friends and family, who donated at least $ 50 (either Australian or American) to the Australian Wildlife Rescue South Coast charity.

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Although they originally intended to raise $ 1,000, the news of Owen’s koalas quickly spread, so the family opened a page on GoFundMe to raise $ 5,000. However, they have raised over $ 240,000 in just one week, and the action is still ongoing.

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