The Research Confirmed: Your Child’s Success Depends on The First Grades of Elementary School


Your child is going to the first grade this year and is already panicking? Justified!

The attitudes toward learning that they teach in elementary school will determine whether they will be successful or below average, research shows. In fact, the first four grades are the most important, and here’s why.

There is a significant difference in the success rate between children who attended a good elementary school and those who went to not so good ones according to a study by the Institute for Education, reports the Guardian.

Simply: a good elementary school is the foundation without which one cannot succeed.

This research was participated by more than 3,000 children from the moment they started their education up to the fifth grade of elementary school. The results have unequivocally demonstrated that good education in the period between the 6th and 11th year of age has a greater impact on later academic advances than genetic inheritance or gender. In elementary school, the quality of teaching directly affects the social behavior and intellectual development of children, researchers say.

Children attending a better primary school show better results and progress in the second crucial phase (after age 11) than children with similar characteristics who attended a less efficient school.

Professor Pam Samons of the University of Nottingham, one of the leading researchers, points out:

“Analyses confirm the importance of early experiences and a powerful combination of home and primary schooling in improving children’s learning abilities.”

Why is it important to enroll your child in a good elementary school?

Choosing a good elementary school is important because teachers and staff will continue building what you have built as parents in the earliest childhood, especially because you need to continue to invest in the development of the child’s personality and talents altogether, and prepare them for a successful future.

It is important to provide the child with the best elementary education because:

  • in the lower grades of the elementary school, the foundations are laid, they create habits and develop a love and a positive attitude towards school, learning and professional development in general; then the tendency towards lifelong training develops, while mistakes and omissions in the elementary school are later corrected with much higher difficulty;
  • the annual progress in learning achieved in this period is far greater than progress in all subsequent years;
  • the fact that the child has learned to read fluently and with understanding by the third grade presents a clear prediction of his/her school and professional success in the future;
  • the children who attend ‘weaker’ schools so far behind their peers from the better schools that they can hardly keep up later on;

Private school pupils have the advantage

Although many parents will more easily save money for a private high school or college, considering that primary school is less important because children are young. That is the biggest mistake they can make. The right time to take care of your child’s education is when you are enrolling them in the first grade of elementary school. The money you invest in elementary school education for your child will be returned multiple times through their successful future.

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In addition, unlike state schools, which are obliged to enroll students from a particular territory, regardless of their understanding, education, and background, there are parents who agree with different values ​​who usually choose a private school.

How to choose the right school?

The best school is where devoted teachers will help your child to pick up healthy values and learning habits, a school that will allow them to develop their full potential. Only in this case is the investment worthwhile, because it really represents an investment in the child’s future.

Complete development of children’s personality and preparation for success in the 21st century

It is a modern future-ready school and as such it completely prepares students for a successful future. The classes are creative, multidisciplinary and supported by educational technology to teach children through entertainment, from the beginning they learned to connect knowledge from different areas and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

In addition to adopting new knowledge, students have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents, socialize and widen their horizons through different workshops in school, sports and recreational activities, as well as visits to various cultural events.

Therefore, an elementary school should be in every way the main incentive for developing the full potential of students and education for success in the 21st century.

Start thinking about your child’s future on time!

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