The richness of diversity in the age of the pandemic- the ordinary people are looking for toilet paper, rich people are buying bunkers


Fleeing pandemics, wealthy Americans are moving into private bunkers. In the last couple of months, bunker market is experiencing great growth. While ordinary people run to the store to buy basic supplies, millionaires and billionaires book private jets and look for places to stay safe.

bunker ilustrations
Bunker entrance illustration

Wealthy people evacuate with their private planes from the endangered areas and go to “warmer areas”, more precisely to their cottages at distant resorts, or to the bunkers they built. According to the CEO of one of the popular private airlines, the number of “bookings” of their aircraft has increased since the COVID-19 spread worldwide.

In addition to the increased demand for private jets, there is also a demand for more bunker. Bunker builders from California said that they have their hands full.

“Demand for shelters that can survive many disasters has increased dramatically in recent months. The rich are believed to be trying to avoid the COVID-19 by isolating themselves with a team of doctors and medical staff in those bunkers until the danger is over” – explains one bunker seller.

Also, the phones of private clinics have been melting in recent days, demanding large amounts of medicines, infusions, flu vaccines and vitamins.

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