The Truth Came Out! Prince William Had an Ultimatum – Marry Kate or …


Prince William, 37, has been married to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, 37, since 2011. They have three children, sons George (6) and Louis (1), and daughter Charlotte (4).

While they are occupied with the obligations and protocols that they, as members of the British royal family, have to obey, the couple seems happy now. Still, this wasn’t the case a few years ago when the Prince received an ultimatum – choice between a long break from the relationship because he had to go to the military or marry Kate.

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As an officer, his request to live with his girl was denied. He knew it would have been easier for both of them to get married, but no one of the Prince’s close friends knew what was his decision – a staff member of the royal palace said at the time.

Since she had to go to the army, Kate wouldn’t be able to live with him until they got married, so she couldn’t travel with him to Bovington’s military base in Dorset. The reason behind that was because only their wives were allowed to live with the soldiers.

Their life was idyllic in front of the cameras: Prince Harry just did not go crazy, ask Meghan to start psychotherapy until it’s too late!

The couple didn’t break up, they endured all the problems. The prince was in the English army for seven years and in 2013, two years after the expensive wedding, he announced that he was leaving the army in order to devote himself to family responsibilities.

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