The World in 50 Years – Space Holidays, Flying Taxies and Buses


Samsung commissioned a study on the future from a group of futurists and academics. The result is a work that shows how the greatest minds of the UK see the life in 2069 in London.

Ever since people existed, they have been trying to predict the future. For centuries, this was only referred to a personal future (it was usually the job of witches, fortune tellers, etc…), but with the industrial revolution, a man began to strive to predict how the world around him would look. All these predictions have one thing in common, and that is the idea of smaller or larger aircrafts, that would be used by people as their personal vehicles. It is interesting that today’s scientists also see a similar future.

Numerous academics and futurists predicted how will the life in London look like in 50 years, writes the Daily Mail.

Illustrations that show what kind of world we live in

The study predicts that the traffic will be revolutionized first – there will be a subway and a tunnel network that will connect the UK with the rest of Europe. In cities, passengers will be transported by flying taxies and buses. On the other hand, long distrances would be crossed by rockets, so the journey from London to New York would only take about 30 minutes.

The second major revolution will happen in healthcare. People will be followed by ‘virtual caregivers’ who will constantly monitor their health. Organs will be ‘printed’ using a 3D printer and the transplantion waiting lists will disappear.

There is one prediction that is really disappointing – the main source of protein for humans will become insects.

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In this study, there are also the results of the survey conducted among Britons. They were asked what improvements they would like most in the future.

Large number of people, about 63%, have said that in the first place, they want homes and house that have self-cleaning. Second place is taken by the chips that will monitor human’s health, and in the third place are flying taxies and buses.

10 scientific predictions for the future

  • Highways below the water surface: Scientists imagine a network of pipelines in which people will sit in carriers and travel at incredible speed from Britain to other parts of Europe.
  • Underground skyscrapers: Buildings that will be built below the surface of the planet.
  • Self-cleaning homes: Never again will a human hand have to wipe the floor with a cloth. Everything will be done automatically and robotically. The houses will clean themselves as soon as you go to work, or to sleep.
  • Hotels in space: There will be a new type of tourism – space tourism. This will be a completely normal thing by 2069, scientists claim.
  • 3D Organ Printing: In addition to printing organs which are needed for human survival, we will be able to make enhancements. Example for this is the ability to see in the dark without special glasses.
  • Fast food will be based on insects. Insect burgers.
  • Flying buses and taxies.
  • Implants that monitor our health in real-time.
  • Air sports in which players are equipped with flying equipment.
  • Interactive movies and virtual reality experiences, in which we will participate physically.
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