The World Will Live Under Restrictions And Quarantine For At Least Two Or More Years


Scientists are widely considering how lifting restrictions imposed to prevent Covid-19 will affect the pandemic, as well as how long certain measures will be needed. Swiss Public Health expert and epidemiologist Matias Eger is not optimistic.

Matias Eger, who runs the Covid-19 Headquarters in Switzerland, said that if we wanted to keep the spread of the virus corona under control, we would have to live under restrictive measures and quarantine for two or more years.

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“We have little knowledge of the virus so far. It is possible that we will discover its negative ‘qualities’ that will complicate and slow the development of effective and safe vaccines,” he noted.

He warned that people would still have to be in quarantine, wear masks, observe hygiene measures and distance from each other. And on the eve of the opening of primary schools in Switzerland, scheduled for May 11, Eger told the parents that they should worry because there were no accurately registered cases of infecting adults, and almost no infections among children.

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“There are three million cases of Covid-19 in the world. The data shows that children do not play a large role in the spread of the virus,” he said, but did not reject the possibility of infection in children, and asked the parents, however, to be careful.

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