There is Hope For Michael Schumacher: The Famous Athlete is Conscious, he is Preparing For Another Operation!


French doctor Philippe Menasche is in the team that takes care of the complicated recovery of Michael Schumacher.

It is announced that the doctor will report a complex procedure by which stem cells would try to recover Michael‘s brain and nervous system. His doctor has not yet commented on that.

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Michael Schumacher will soon undergo another stem cell therapy, which will regenerate his nervous system, all in order to take another important step towards recovery. The news was reported by the French, German, Italian and British media. French cardiologist Philippe Menasche, who has already operated on the Formula I legend and is in the team of doctors who take care of his health, allegedly plans to perform pioneering heart surgery on Michael. The French newspaper Le Dauphine brings the story of the operation and claims that it will be reported in a few days.

A fatal accident in France instantly interrupted his previous life.

Let us remind you, in 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered severe head injuries after he suffered a terrible accident while skiing. Since then, he has been recovering in secret, there is almost no information about his condition, but it is known that he is currently being treated by a team of doctors at his home in Switzerland. Despite everything they plan to do for him, Italian neurosurgeon Nicola Acciari claims for the local media that Schumacher suffers from osteoporosis and muscle atrophy, all due to immobility, after the accident he remained bedridden and adds that his condition is serious. “The goal is to regenerate his nervous system,” he said about the mentioned stem cell therapy.

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A demanding operation that regenerates the damaged part of the organism

Although not much is known about the method by which the legendary athlete will be operated on, the Spanish media write about Menashe’s method – transferring stem cells that are basically taken from one part of the body and transferred to another, which requires treatment at that time. All this is done in order to recover the damaged tissue. In this case, it would allegedly be a process of transferring stem cells from the heart to the brain. This is not the first stem cell therapy Schumacher has undergone. His first operation of that type was performed in September 2019 in Paris.

Michael Schumacher is conscious.

The entire procedure is shrouded in secrecy, namely, it is only officially known that a French doctor is performing this type of heart surgery. His doctor said that he could not perform a miracle, and then he spoke about Schumacher’s health condition, giving hope to his fans around the world. “Yes, I am leading his treatment and I assure you that he is conscious,” said Filip Menashe. Otherwise, stem cells have been shown to be a possible effective therapy in the regeneration of the brain, ie its neural endings.

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